Recreational-Educational Center for Children and Youth

Recreational-Educational Center for Children and Youth

The Bread of Life Recreational-Educational Centre extends over an area of about 3 hectares on a beautiful landscape of an old property in the small town of Tekeriš at an altitude of 300m, below the very top of Mount Cer.

As part of its social programmes, Bread of Life organizes camps and various activities for children, youth and the elderly in the areas of recreation, learning sports skills, with various educational content, for socializing and the like. Free scheduling of activities at the centre can be done according to the annual schedule of the centre in Tekeriš, and centre grounds have been made available to other related charities.

The concept of the center's work includes a stay in natural surroundings, such as a camp, for 3 to 5 days during the summer holidays. Accommodation under tents or in one of the facilities that is provided for children and youth, and for adults and the elderly day trips with appropriate content prepared for them are arranged.

Center capacity: up to 60 people.

In the two newly-erected buildings which comprise a total area of 300m2, there is a professionally equipped kitchen, rooms for lodging, for social events and recreational activities, and fully furnished bathrooms and lavatory.

The larger building, which is 200 m2, has the capacity to accommodate a group of up to 20 people throughout the year.

Football, volleyball and archery courts are always available. Walks are frequently organized to the top of Cer mountain, and also visits to the Museum dedicated to the Battle of Cer, which took place in the First World War. This is the area in which the Centre property is located. Trips to the spa centres Badanja and Koviljaca, as well as visits to the birth house of Vuk Karadžić in Tršić, are always made available.

Developement: The current appearance of the Centre was designed according to a construction plan from 2015, when the necessary building permits were obtained from the relevant municipality institution and the construction plan was drawn up.

From 2015 to 2019, a total of 10 different educational-recreational and sports camps for children, youth and adults were held in cooperation with various organizations registered to work with children and adults.

In the past year 2020, unfortunately, the planned camps with children were not organized due to the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic.

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