Bread of Life Prijedor


"Bread of Life" Prijedor was registered in June 1996 in order to help the victims of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


"Bread of Life" Prijedor, through help that it provides to the socially endangered, and disadvantaged, through support that it provides for developmental and educational programs, promotes Christian values, contributing to the economic stability of many members of the community and the community as whole.

The main area of work is, the provision of material assistance, to the refugee population, returnees in rural households, socially disadvantaged families with many members, as well as material assistance to hospitals and various associations that provide other forms of assistance.

From 2000 to 2011, assistance was provided to returnees in rural households - in form of distribution of cows and calves, sheep, pigs, saws, tractor attachments, greenhouses, fertilizers, seeds for the production of cereals, saws, sewing machines.

Since 2006, Bread of Life has been organizing trainings in business planning and since then started to grant loans to business entrepreneurs, who mainly come from rural and farming households,

Current programs of the Bread of Life in Prijedor:


The national kitchen "Bread of Life" in Prijedor, is the only kitchen that regularly provides a meal for 140, socially endangered and disadvantaged users every day. Support for this project is provided by "Missions without Borders" from Great Britain and the Municipality of Prijedor and the NGO "Agency for Local Democracy" from Italy. In addition, "Bread of Life" Prijedor provides a significant amount of food supplies such as (potatoes, beans, cabbage, onions, peas, carrots, chicken and beef) through the project "Women in the Village".

SUPPORT IN EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN ("Godfather program" Adopt a Child)

We help school children who come from families with many members, who are socially endangered and disadvantaged, in the municipality of Priejdor by providing regular monthly financial assistance for the purpose of purchasing school supplies, textbooks, clothes, shoes, sandwiches, bus tickets and other things needed for children's education. In addition, the program includes assistance to children with additional classes for subjects from which they have poor grades, but also trips, sports activities, fun workshops and the like are being organized. This program covers a total of 80 children, of which a large number are children from Roma families. Donors are "Fida International" from Finland and "Little Prince" from Germany.

Supplying material aid in terms of clothing, shoes, etc., as well as the already traditional distribution of Christmas packages are activities in which "Bread of Life" invests additional effort and in this effort it includes a larger number of children.


In the area of the municipality of Prijedor, and in the nearby area, Bread of Life has helped in the construction and adaptation of existing residential buildings and the construction of prefabricated houses. "Bread of Life" helped more than 20 families within this project and will continue to provide this type of assistance.


At the beginning of 2014, "Bread of Life" Prijedor started working with opiate and alcohol addicts, whose number has been increasing. On a rural property of about 3 ha, with an older house and auxiliary facilities present and with the available funds, Bread of Life managed to equip the property with the access road, electricity, water, and internet and to make the house habitable for a smaller number of people. During 2015, a prefabricated residential building of 250 m2 was built, on the land that was purchased, with a capacity of about 30 sleeping places. The center has the form of a mini farm, where it provides its own food produce through the breeding of animals and agricultural products. Some of these products are used for humanitarian activities such as (National Kitchen "Bread of Life"), and some are sold to provide some funds that would serve to cover part of the costs of the Center. There are currently 15 users living in the Center.


Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to find donor support for humanitarian projects in our region, at the end of 2011 our association made the decision to start Social Entrepreneurship. The motive for launching such a project was to gain income for social projects of "Bread of Life", through employment of local population and also through supplying of cheap and quality goods to the target groups with lower financial income. For that purpose, "Bread of Life" registered another legal entity, "Hatikva" which does not have any privileges and operates like any other company, paying all fees, taxes and contributions, which annually amounts to close to a third of the total financial turnover. But despite all that, we managed to achieve a positive annual balance and make a profit that is used for Social Projects of "Bread of Life".


Christian Humanitarian Association "Bread of Life" Prijedor

Address :Branislava Nusica 40
79101, Prijedor
Director :Malesevic Danko
Telephone :+387 52 243 270
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