Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission of the
Bread of Life is to contribute to the well-being of the community through the care and support of vulnerable and poor members of society.

Vision of the
Bread of Life is for people in the community to live with dignity and to participate in the building of a more just society.


Christian approach to people in need
Nurturing love, compassion and truthfulness, we respond to basic human needs and work for peace and justice.

We provide assistance to the most vulnerable members of the community impartially, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, age, gender or nationality.

Supporting the most vulnerable
In our work, we focus on the needs of the most vulnerable groups, provide care and proactively work to support those in need, who would otherwise be socially excluded, especially the elderly, children and those living in poverty

We are responsible in our work, not only to our clients but also to our partners, donors, colleagues, as well as to all those with whom we partner and communicate in the community and with whom we maintain regular partnership and cooperation.

All our activities, decision-making processes and financial operations, are transparent. Publicity of our work is provided through internet presentations and publications.

Continuous learning, growth and development
Within the organization we develop a culture of continuous learning, in which documenting and communicating information and knowledge are keys to progress, at the individual and organizational level. We learn from constant working with our clients and all our partners. We selflessly share the acquired knowledge, and in this way we grow and develop as an organization.

We apply the highest standards of personal and collective ethics in our work, which include professionalism in providing services and information, principles for good communication, accessibility, respect for confidentiality, trustworthiness and honouring commitments. In upholding our core values, we oppose all forms of abuse, fraud, bribery, corruption and all other illegal behavior.

Empowering others
We are committed to the approach in which the local community takes responsibility both in humanitarian work and in working for sustainable impact, based on analysis and solution of community problems. We encourage the active participation of all members of the community, to strive, to support others, and to take responsibility for both personal development and for the development of their own community.

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