Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

From its founding, the Christian Humanitarian Association "Bread of Life" has been recognized as an organization that responds to the needs of vulnerable populations, from refugees and displaced people to local marginalized groups by providing humanitarian aid in the form of food, hygiene, clothing, winter heating, packages for children, equipment for hospitals and schools, orthopedic aids... For a full 12 years, Bread of Life has been intensively assisting an increasing number of refugees, internally displaced people and other vulnerable groups, and has been recognized as an organization that responds quickly and efficiently.

"Bread of Life" faced every emergency situation caused, either by the consequences of the civil war, or by the bombing, or by the floods, or by the arrival of refugees from the Middle East, or by the Corona virus pandemic... "Bread of Life" went out in the field, approached each individual, listened to the needs of the people affected and designed together with the people in need, on how to provide help to them in a given situation.

With the help of its long-term partners, material assistance was provided to numerous schools (with school desks, chairs, school supplies, food ...), to hospitals (with beds, mattresses, bedding, staff coats...) to the nursing homes, to the associations that help special vulnerable groups (wheelchairs and other aids), as well as to the day care centers and orphanages for children and the adults...

After the transition to the social programs, where the "Bread of Life" has moved to a complex approach in solving the problems of socially vulnerable groups, sensitivity to the humanitarian needs of the vulnerable groups, has remained.

The project "Godfathership" ("Adopt a Granny") is a project intended to provide regular monthly assistance to the vulnerable elderly citizens. Where regular help is provided to about 30 seniors.

Covid 19 Pandemic. Since the declaration of a state of emergency due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in March 2020, "Bread of Life" has been developing an efficient way to help vulnerable groups from its current programs using its many years of experience in humanitarian work, especially the elderly and Roma. In response to the crisis situation - COVID 19 a Humanitarian Aid has been provided in terms of:

Purchase and distribution of about 1,200 different food and hygiene assistance packages for the most vulnerable families, especially for the elderly who are unable to buy on their own, and for the poor Roma families

  •  Distribution of 3 tons of used clothes through Roma associations in Makiš and Novi Bečej
  •  Distribution of 160 packages of school supplies for Roma children in Surcin and the Roma settlement on CukariCka Padina
  •  Distribution of about 200 packs of diapers for the elderly and elderly with dementia
  •  Distribution of the firewood for the winter, to the elderly, or paid electricity in the winter for the poorest elderly households
  •  A total of 800 elderly and Roma children and parents were helped through various types of humanitarian aid

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