About us

Christian Humanitarian Association

The Christian Humanitarian Association ‘Bread of Life’ was established in 1992 on the initiative of believers from the Baptist and Protestant Evangelical Churches of Belgrade, to address the need to provide humanitarian aid to refugees. Refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija sought shelter in Belgrade from the consequences of the civil war that began in 1991 in the former Yugoslavia.

To minister to the needs of the poor and vulnerable in society, ‘Bread of Life’ develops and implements a variety of humanitarian and social programmes. Based on experience in its work as well as acquired knowledge, ‘Bread of Life’ puts in place long-term, development programmes to strengthen these vulnerable groups. BoL remains sensitive to the humanitarian needs of the poor and the demands for aid from individuals and various health and social institutions and associations. It also responds to emergency needs such as the 2014 flood, the acute need of assistance for migrants in 2015 and 2016, and the current Covid 19 pandemic.

Guided by the vision for people to live with dignity and to participate in building a more just society which works for the well-being of its vulnerable and poor members, ‘Bread of Life’ implements the following long-term programmes:

  • Support in education, psychosocial development and integration of marginalized groups of children.
  • Social services for the elderly, promotion of active aging and support for families with dementia.

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