Income Activity

Second hand store

The state of Serbia passed a law which come into effect in 2009, in relation to Associations and Societies (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 51/09), which made it possible for non-profit Organizations and Associations like Bread of Life, to perform activities for gaining income and raising money. When this law came into effect the Bread of Life organization started a Second Hand clothing store in order to raise money and be self-sustaining and able to support its social programs.

With the registration of the second-hand clothing store in March 2011, Bread of Life commenced social entrepreneurship activities in order to help vulnerable members of society poor, the elderly, former addicts, and the Roma communities.

The earned income was also used for the development of the organization's capacity and for implementation of various other social programs.

The store did well and achieved its intended goals to support the humanitarian and social programs of Bread of Life until 2018, when it was temporarily closed due to organizational changes. Its reopening is planned when favourable conditions permit.

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