Home Care

Home Care

The Home Care service of "Bread of Life" is a free service intended for the financially challenged elderly, and is financed within the project "Home care, advocacy and integration of the elderly". During the development of the project, which began in 2004, the organization's capacity was strengthened, caregivers were trained, and new services were introduced to help the elderly in a more comprehensive way.

During 2018, Bread of Life received a license for the implementation of the ‘Home Care for the Elderly and Adults’ social service from the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs (license no. 399).

The purpose of the Home Care for the elderly service is to support the provision of everyday living needs in an individual’s own home, in order to maintain a certain quality of life and prevent the elderly from having to be placed in institutional care.

Beneficiaries are elderly people over 60 (women) or 65 (men) who are unable to live independently or without regular assistance to organize their daily activities. They live without other family members’ assistance or have no one to rely on, are socially disadvantaged with a pension below the poverty line, and are beneficiaries on the waiting list for care services at the Centres for Social Work in Belgrade. The implementation of the activities of the Home Care service provides appropriate care and assistance which, in accordance with the assessment of the needs of the beneficiaries, may include:

  • Assistance in food provision and its delivery;
  • Assistance in maintaining personal hygiene and home hygiene;
  • Assistance in heating the premises, and if necessary: ​​lighting a fire, cleaning the stove, assistance in purchasing firewood;
  • Assistance in providing for their social and cultural needs;
  • Mediation in the provision of various types of services, which may include if necessary, repairs to plumbing, electrical and other installations and other basic repairs;
  • Assistance in purchasing and delivering medicines, supervision of medicines taken, assistance in following the advice of qualified medical professionals, and the provision of transport to a medical examination;
  • Assistance in tracking of vital bodily functions such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar level, etc.

For the beneficiaries of the Home Care service, the Bread of Life social worker additionally helps them in exercising their rights in the field of social protection and pension and disability insurance. Social workers are always in contact with the Centre for Social Work and other public institutions while elderly beneficiaries have limited communication with these important institutions.

For all information and inquiries about our free Home Care service, you can contact us at the mobile phone number 060/406-0001 or 011/244-3540 every working day from 9 am to 2 pm or through the e-mail by writing to us at info@hlebzivota.org.rs

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